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Episode 50: “Hiring on all Cylinders”- Jim Payne and Dana Powell Baker

In this episode co-host, Stephanie Whitehead, discusses solutions to the laboratory national workforce shortage with Jim Payne and Dana Powell Baker. Tune in as they discuss how current laboratory professionals can engage with local high schools and clini

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Episode 23: “Is Your Need for Perfection Holding You Back”

Today, Tywauna 'Coach Tee' Wilson start the series on Imperfection. In this first episode, she will take you through questions that will help you determine if maybe you have some perfectionist qualities.

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Episode 49: “Benefits of Formal and Informal Mentorship”- Meredith Hurston, MHA, MT (ASCP)

Lona Gordon Small, MBA, MT (ASCP) sat down to talk with Meredith Hurston, MHA, MT (ASCP) about her experience in a corporate mentorship program, and the take-aways that could help medical labs and medical lab professionals adopt mentorship.

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Episode 22 : “Tips Every Mentor Should Know When Working With Today’s Youth”

In today's podcast, Tywauna 'Coach Tee' discuss tips for mentoring today's youth! We will go deeper into positive traits of a youth mentor and success tips for building positive relationships.

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