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Episode 26: “How to Defeat Perfectionism Once and For All”

In this episode, Tywauna 'Coach Tee' completes the series on imperfection and perfectionism. Are you ready to overcome your need for things to be perfect? Ready to start making progress on your big goal? Check out today's episode for more tips!

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Episode 53: “Do you know the difference between Patient Safety and Lab Safety?

In this episode of eLABorate Topics, Lona Gordon Small, MBA, PMP, CPBPM, MT (ASCP) discuss the topic of Patient Safety and clarified the difference between lab safety and Patient Safety.

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Episode 52: How to Secure the Next All-Star For Your Team

Co-Hosts Tywauna Wilson, Lona Small, and Stephanie Whitehead discuss interviewing and hiring 101... Securing your next all star for your team!

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Episode 25: Imperfection In The Workplace…. Does It Belong ??

In this episode, Tywauna 'Coach Tee' continues the series on imperfection. Is there a place for it in the workplace or should we strive for perfection at all cost?

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