Month: October 2021

Episode 78: “Laboratory Professional 2.0”- Blessing Ijeoma Ugwumba, MLS (ASCPi), MPH

In this episode, co-host Stephanie Whitehead interviews Blessing Ugwumba, MLS (ASCPi), MPH. As an internationally educated and trained medical laboratory scientist, Blessing has had a unique opportunity to practice and experience perspectives of the labor

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Episode 77: Traits of a Medical Lab Operational Excellence Leader

In this episode Lona Small gave 10 Traits of a Lab Operational Excellence Leader and discuss how you can be such a leader.

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Episode 76: Ways to Grow in Your Career as a Medical Lab Professional

In today’s exciting episode co-hosts Lona Small, Stephanie Whitehead, and Tywauna Wilson, offers tips on how to grow at work, increase your impact and chart a unique career path.

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Episode 48: Mastering Your Message: “How To Give A Powerful Presentation!”- Dr. Jonas Gadson

This week’s mentor is Dr. Jonas Gadson gives tips on Mastering Your Message: “How To Give A Powerful Presentation!”

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Episode 75: The Life of a Phlebotomist Entrepreneur- Lisa Wylie

Co-host Tywauna Wilson interviews Lisa Wylie about her journey as a phlebotomist entrepreneur.

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