Month: May 2022

Episode 20: “The Path of Least Antibiotic Resistance”- Dr. Rodney Rohde

In this “Ask the Expert” episode, co-host Stephanie Whitehead chats with Dr. Rodney Rohde about the global public health threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

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Episode 62: “How To Effectively Look For Work”- Tarek Hossain

This week’s mentor Tarek Hossain will be giving us tips on “How to look for work” by covering effective ways to write a resume and cover letter, leveraging LinkedIn profiles, and preparing for interviews.

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Episode 61: “How to increase your confidence so that you can boldly pursue your dreams”- CoWano Stanley

This week’s mentor CoWano Ms Coco Stanley will be giving us tips on “How to increase your confidence so that you can boldly pursue your tasks, goals, and dreams”!

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Episode 18: “The Untold Truth That Can Be Affecting Your Recruitment and Retention Efforts”

In today’s episode, Tywauna Wilson shares how unconscious bias could be preventing you from recruiting and retaining talented employees

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Episode 17: eLABorate Topics Roundtable with People of Pathology Podcast (Dennis Strenk)

In this episode Lona Small, Stephanie Whitehead and Tywauna Wilson spoke with Dennis Strenk from People of Pathology podcast.

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Episode 16: Measure, Monitor, Sustain: Lab Problem Solving Made Easy!- Sarah Cook

Stephanie Whitehead, and returning special guest, Sarah Cook, continue their conversation about LEAN and discuss principles on how to Measure, Monitor and Sustain process improvements in the lab.

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