Month: June 2022

Episode 24: The Keys to an Effective Mentor/Mentee Match-Caroline Henderson

Co-host, Stephanie Whitehead, talks with her mentee, Caroline Henderson, about their mentorship experiences from the perspectives of being a mentor and mentee.

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Episode 23- “Tools We Can Apply To Prevent Burnout” – Patty Eschliman

In this episode Lona Small spoke with Patty Eschliman, Lab Operations director, Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, about tools that medical lab professionals can use to combat burnout in these stressful times.

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Episode 22: “3 Pillars For Navigating Your Laboratory Career”-Trishana Osbourne

Co-host Tywauna Wilson sits down with Trishana Osbourne and they discuss essential pillars for career success in the laboratory.

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Episode 63: “How to Lead From Within” – Michele Thomson

This week’s mentor Michele Thomson will be giving us tips on “How to Lead From Within” by covering Leadership and the Importance of Personal Connections – 5 things you can do to improve work relationships immediately.

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Episode 21: Stuck in the Middle: Tips for Success in Middle Management”

In today’s exciting episode the co-hosts Lona Small, Stephanie Whitehead, and Tywauna Wilson share tips to succeed in any “Middle Management” role

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