Episode 27: 10 Traits of a High Performance Leader

Have you wondered why some leaders seem to thrive and be so fulfilled in their roles, while others are stressed out with migraines, always angry and frustrated, many with deteriorating health conditions?

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Episode 26: “Am I Developing a Team That Will Last?”

In today’s episode, Tywauna Wilson shares 12 power tips to help managers create a team with high retention and strong leadership.

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Episode 25 : “Yes, We Are Getting New Equipment! Strategies For Selecting The Best Instruments For Your Lab”

In today’s exciting episode the co-hosts Lona Small, Stephanie Whitehead, and Tywauna Wilson share tips on Strategies For Selecting The Best Instruments For Your Lab.

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Episode 24: The Keys to an Effective Mentor/Mentee Match-Caroline Henderson

Co-host, Stephanie Whitehead, talks with her mentee, Caroline Henderson, about their mentorship experiences from the perspectives of being a mentor and mentee.

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Episode 23- “Tools We Can Apply To Prevent Burnout” – Patty Eschliman

In this episode Lona Small spoke with Patty Eschliman, Lab Operations director, Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, about tools that medical lab professionals can use to combat burnout in these stressful times.

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