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Episode 1: “How to be a Dandelion”- Tiffani Wills

This week’s Leadership Tidbits with Coach Tee Wilson features Tiffani Wills, a powerful leadership authority who has enormous strengths in motivational speaking, building exceptional leaders, and empowering others to perform at their highest levels. Through this interview, Tiffani shares with us how she transformed herself to become a dandelion and how we can become one too. Before we begin the transformation process, here is some of the information you need to know about the beautiful spirit that is Tiffani Wills.

 Tiffani holds a Bachelor of Arts in organizational communications from Wright State University, a Master of Education in Monastery Education from Xavier University, as well as an MBA from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. Tiffani is a mother, an instructional leader, a graduate of the BRIGHT New leaders for Ohio program, a former NCAA Division I women’s soccer standout, a three-year captain, and a US Olympic Festival team alternate prior to her work as an instructional leader. 

Tiffani was the youngest individual and only female in company history to be charged with leading the adhesive division responsible for meeting the needs of four fortune 100 companies. In addition, she was also charged with creating and implementing the company’s first supplier diversity initiative. Tiffani has taught first, second, and third grade students at a title one neighborhood Montessori School and the Cincinnati public school district, and currently holds a valid Ohio K-12 Professional Administrators license, a Professional K-3 teaching license w/TESOL endorsement, and an American Montessori Society Elementary I credential. 

She is an active member of the Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, as well as an active member of her church. I cannot fail to mention her business Rustic Urban Life, whose aim is to remind us to amplify gratitude, to preserve the simplicity of things that work, and to focus on bringing people back to the essentials of being, while acknowledging the demands of dynamic and fast-paced environments. 

Through this interview Tiffani Wills educated us on what it means to become a dandelion by stating, “In essence I learned how to be a dandelion, and that’s something that’s near and dear to me. You may ask… Why do I say dandelion? It is because dandelions they just don’t go away, and I would not go away I kept coming back and learning more.” She also explained that the dandelion pops up in lawns whether you want them or not. They’re among the most familiar plants with unmistakable characteristics that everyone knows.

 An important takeaway from this lesson of becoming a dandelion in life and in your individual fields is this statement from Tiffani when she noted, “Every part of the dandelion is useful so I’ve used that for myself. And making myself indispensable, making myself familiar with other things and building on those to make it so that that I would have to be indispensable and moving forward.” 

Overall, here are some leadership tidbits to take away from Tiffani Wills: Know your why, building relationships is priceless, be a lifelong learner, the importance of self-care, form relationships outside of your comfort zone, and remember the importance of getting back to the basics.

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