eLABorate Topics

Hosted ByLona Small, Stephanie Whitehead, & Tywauna Wilson

Leadership and Technical Strategies for Medical Laboratory Professionals to excel inside and outside of the lab.

Episode 1: “Lets Talk About the LAB”

This inaugural episode of the “eLABorate Topics” podcast is a roundtable talk with all three cohosts Tywauna Wilson, MBA, MLS (ASCP), Stephanie Whitehead, MBA, MPH, MLS (ASCP) and Lona Small, MBA, PMP, CPBPM, MT (ASCP).

The roundtable discussion is an opportunity for the laboratorians and the audience to get to know the cohosts, their journey in the field of Medical Laboratory Science, their challenges, what they overcame and learned along the way. They also discussed their target audience, why this podcast is necessary, and future topics.

The cohosts have over 60 years’ experience between them in all areas of the laboratory, from reference labs, hospital, outreach, private facilities and academia.

Tywauna is a System Technical Director of a regional laboratory system in the Dayton, OH area overseeing Chemistry and Toxicology including its implementation, standardization, regulatory and compliance in those areas.  In her first leadership role, Tywauna felt as though she was “thrown in the fire”. Through this experience, she is became a John Maxwell certified Coach and has committed to mentoring new leaders so they are prepared to confidently and competently assume advanced supervisory roles and develop the next generation of leaders. 

Stephanie is the Executive Director of Pathology Services of one of the largest public health systems in State of Texas. Years ago, Stephanie was not happy with her boss and pledged that if she was ever in that role she would do a better job. Initially Stephanie’s experience was like “drinking from a fire hose” and she “muddled through it” and learned some great lessons and now has been in a leadership role for over 14 years.

Lona Small is a Quality Assurance Specialist in a large academic health system in Maryland. She rose up in leadership early in her career and encountered challenges with her boss that made her realize that laboratorians were being promoted based on “their technical expertise and not leadership skills”. Lona’s unpleasant encounter with her physician relative made her decide that laboratorians need to be visible and demonstrate their value. Lona now coaches and mentors laboratory leaders.

The purpose of this podcast:

·  Exposure to laboratories and laboratorians

·  Share information with colleagues outside of the lab

·  Mentorship

The podcast is for anybody working the frontline, for phlebotomists, medical lab scientists, specialists, faculty, pathologists, lab managers and executives. 

The podcast is weekly, with short results- driven topics that are relevant to current trends and needs. We will have guests with a wide range of experiences and interests. 

Future Topics (not limited to):

· Adjusting workflow during COVID-19 pandemic

· Taking care of teams and ourselves during the pandemic

· Effective communication

· Networking and involvement in Professional organizations.


· Career growth opportunities in different industries

· Advocacy

· Quality and Patient safety


· Collaboration

·  Team Dynamics  

Stay tuned next week to for more eLABorate Topics!

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