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Episode 11: “When Compassion Hurts; Hope for the 2nd Victim”-Kristine Talamante

Co-Host Stephanie Whitehead sits down with Kristine Talamante to discuss the hidden struggle of frontline workers. 

Kristine Talamante is currently working as an Assistant Director of a Palliative Care team for a large hospital. In her role, she is responsible for providing guidance, leadership and direction to a team of physicians, nurses, and interdisciplinary staff. Kristine started her career as a licensed vocational nurse (LVN). She then earned her BS in Nursing from Incarnate Word and a MS in Nursing Leadership from Grand Canyon University. As a well-known speaker, the National Clergy Symposium (National Kidney Foundation) and RL Solutions (“Second Victim) have both featured Kristine to speak in various forums. She also enjoys mentoring medical students about medical errors and the ethical duty to recognize and report errors in healthcare.

Kristine is a strong advocate in Self-care, team morale and ensuring that staff feels safe. She has focused her passion on working with healthcare professionals and teams about compassion fatigue and burnout, moral distress, and most recently, Trauma Informed Care. Listeners can reach out to Kristine at kristinetalamante@att.net.

Show Notes:

Have you ever felt personally responsible for an unexpected patient outcome? Have you ever second-guessed a technical or clinical decision you made? Are you experiencing feelings of guilt, anxiety, worry or reduced job satisfaction due to the increased stress of working in healthcare? Are you struggling with the many “unknowns” of the COVID 19 pandemic?

The “2nd victim” experience is a hidden struggle for many frontline workers. Listen as keynote expert, Kristine Talamante, offers helpful tips to help identify symptoms of the 2nd victim Syndrome. This podcast offers actionable advice for your mental health and stability, for those who may be suffering (physiologically or emotionally) during this very challenging time.

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