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Episode 13: “Job Searching During The Pandemic”-Roger Nutter

Co-Host Tywauna Wilson and Roger Nutter discuss job searching during the pandemic.

Roger Nutter is Founder & President of Nutter Group, LLC. He has spent much of his career conducting executive search in healthcare.  Roger’s earlier career was in human resources leadership roles.  Later, he began a successful career in executive search, serving clients nationally. In 1988, Roger founded the Nutter Group, with a mission to provide Never Compromising Service® to the client consulting engagement. Roger is recognized as a trusted and professional advisor in the search process for C-suite and senior-level leadership searches. 

Roger received the Chester A. Minkalis Service Award, awarded by his peers for his contribution to the consulting profession.  Roger has served on multiple local, regional and national boards providing oversight and developing strategic initiatives, including participating in the recruitment of key leadership for these organizations.  He is a member of the American Society of Healthcare Human Resources Administration, the ACHE, the Consultants’ Forum and other regional and national professional organizations. He serves his profession by “giving back” to early careerists launching their careers, mid-level professionals navigating job transitions, to senior-level executives considering encore careers.  Roger’s innovative development of Videoview® has distinguished him among executive search professionals.  

Show Notes:

Are you prepared to search for a new career opportunity during the pandemic? Do you know the right questions to ask a recruiter during an interview? Having you conducted a video interview before? Would you like to know behind the scenes information for how recruiters look for emerging talent?

Roger gives insight into how recruiters utilize LinkedIn to source candidates. He also discusses ways that you can prepare for a virtual interview. Using a search firm such as the Nutter Group is another way to look for opportunities outside of applying with a company directly. If you are looking for a laboratory leadership role, working with a search firm may be the way to go! 

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