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Episode 16: “The Power in Being an Essential Worker”-Joycelyn Jones & Kristine Talamante

Co-host Stephanie Whitehead sits down with Joycelyn Jones & Kristine Talamante to discuss the power in being an essential worker.

Kristine Talamante is currently working as an Assistant Director of a Palliative Care team for a large hospital. Kristine is a strong advocate in Self-care, team morale and ensuring that staff feels safe. She has focused her passion on working with healthcare professionals and teams about compassion fatigue and burnout, moral distress, and most recently, Trauma Informed Care. Listeners can reach out to Kristine at kristinetalamante@att.net

Joycelyn Jones, MSHRM, PHR, SHRM-CP is a Certified Human Resource Professional with over 15 years of HR Management experience. She serves as an expert in consulting, executive coaching, employee relations, and conflict management with advanced knowledge of HR policies and employment laws.  Listeners can reach out to Ms. Jones using Facebook at “Joyce Jones” or Instagram at “1ladyjones”. She also has a Facebook Group entitled “Virtuous Women”.


Key takeaways from this show:

Tune into this episode as returning special guests Kristine Talamante and Joycelyn Jones discuss the influential power in being an “essential worker”. 


This episode offers crucial solutions to:

·         Understand your potential to impact your communities, influence positive change, and drive effective, safe practices 

·         Learn to appreciate the value of “team” and “team morale” as essential workers

·         Recognize the signs of work and/or life fatigue and offers strategies to combat these feelings.  

·         Identify the need for human connection and  learn some alternative ways to express feelings during times of social distancing

·         Appreciate the importance emotional skills have in our daily work and how to practice using them


If you are a healthcare worker looking for leadership tips or for ways to connect with your staff– this podcast is for you!


For a deeper dive into conversations with Kristine and Joycelyn, tune in to their previous episodes on eLABorate Topics wherever you listen to podcasts!

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