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Episode 19: “Take time to make the time”- Tashawna Thomas Otabil

This week’s Leadership Tidbits with Coach Tee Wilson features the visionary Tashawna Thomas Obtail. 

Tashawna Thomas Obtail currently serves as the Director of Managed Care for TriHealth, a $2 billion dollar Health System in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has nearly 20 years of Management experience and proven performance leadership with Managed Care Payer Contracting Strategies. Tashawna is responsible for contractual relationship management valued at over $1.3 billion dollars in revenue. Before joining TriHealth in 2017, she worked for both payer and provider organizations in various healthcare leadership and administration roles. Tashawna received a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration from DeVry University and she is a graduate of the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio’s African American Leadership Development Program. In January of 2019 she launched her own consulting firm, Tashawna Obtail Consulting. This is a company geared towards developing innovative strategies for small businesses, professional or personal growth. She is also the Co-Owner and CFO for THOMAS Rehabbing, General Contracting and Construction Management. In addition to all that, Tashawna is a speaker and co-author of “It Takes Money Honey” book (a 365 day devotional about freedom, faith, and finances) and she is working on her second book titled “Hidden Pain” a personal story of resiliency. Tashawna is committed to public service and is actively involved in the community as a member of the Board of Directors for the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio, Southwest Ohio Healthcare Financial Management Association & the St. Aloysius Organization. She has received several awards and recognition for her leadership and service, including 2018 Top 15 Business Women of the Year.

From the start of the interview, Tashawna gives us several tools we can use as leaders. She reminds us to be patient and that listening is a really important skill you need under your belt. When it comes to growing pains, Tashawna shared with us lessons she has learned along her leadership journey. She emphasized the need for patience as well as creating healthy boundaries for yourself while at work. Tashawna also reminds us that everything comes at a pace and that failure is ultimately a part of our success. “Through failures you have to understand that it’s a temporary setback, recover quickly, and then bounce forward.” She also reminds us that success looks different for everyone. We all define success differently

 Tashawna shared so many great leadership tidbits. Here is a quick summary of a few: relationship building is very important, know your why and your walk away, listening is critical, managing up is important, mentors are essential, success looks different for everyone, manage your mind and sense of being, and don’t be afraid to get a business coach!

 Check out the full show to hear more of Tashawna Thomas Obtail’s thoughts!!

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