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Episode 23: “A Talk with Senior International QA/QC Coordinators from Patient Safety Monitoring in International Laboratory (pSMILE).”

Lona Small MBA, PMP, CPBPM, MT(ASCP) sat down and spoke with Heidi Hanes, BS, MT (ASCP) and Peggy Coulter, MDE, BS, MT(HEW) both Senior International QA/QC Coordinator and Technical Specialist at Patient Safety Monitoring in International Laboratory (pSMILE).

Heidi and Peggy discussed their journey from building up a wealth of experience as Clinical Lab Scientists in hospital labs to now supporting laboratories in developing countries through pSMILE.

Heidi and Peggy work involve ensuring a high quality standard of pSMILE labs and ensure the integrity and reliability of tests to monitor safety and efficacy of experimental products investigated as the labs monitor analytes of patients involved in Clinical trials to ensure patient safety.

pSMILE evaluates and develops capability of laboratories in developing countries through the National Institute of Health (NIH) – Division of AIDS (DAIDS) – supported prevention, vaccine and therapeutic clinical studies.

Peggy discussed some of her experience travelling to many countries to perform audits and set up laboratories to meet standards. Peggy and Heidi both discussed ways other Clinical lab Scientists can be prepared to take on similar opportunities to expand growth when these opportunities arise. Peggy and Heidi also discussed the role of mentors on their journey and how the audience could learn more about pSMILE.

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You can get more information about pSMILE and support them by visiting website at psmile.org https://psmile.org/team.cfm

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