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Episode 23- “Tools We Can Apply To Prevent Burnout” – Patty Eschliman

In this episode Lona Small spoke with Patty Eschliman, Lab Operations director, Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, about tools that medical lab professionals can use to combat burnout in these stressful times.

Patty Eschliman is a highly engaged leader always looking for opportunities for personal and professional growth. Having worked in the Clinical Laboratory setting for over 37 years, the last 27 in leadership, Patty loves collaborating with others on best outcomes. In her role as President of CLMA, she experienced the privilege of influencing the growth and success of a robust international organization and enjoyed the opportunity of traveling the US, meeting Medical Laboratory professionals to learn, firsthand, the needs of what makes them feel successful in their lives and career. Patty has also served in leadership roles on the ASCP Board of Certification, Board of Governors. As a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Patty is committed to helping these professionals reach their full potential


Patty spoke about her journey into lab leadership, professional societies and why she decided to be a certified coach. Patty discussed the importance of mentorship and different ways to approach mentorship. Patty then gave some very practical and useful tips and tools to prevent burnout during these stressful times.

Listen to the full episode to find out the details about tools and techniques you can use for yourself and your team in reducing burnout.

To learn more about Patty’s work and how you can learn more from her visit  Patty’s website at  thelableadercoach.com

where  there is great  information including opportunities for leadership training.

Or email Patty at Patty@thelableadercoach.com


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