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Episode 29: “Retire With Dignity”- Latisha Douglas Glynn

Latisha shares with the listeners that they should do an inventory on their financial assets, have the tough conversations around life insurance, and learn how to retire with dignity. 

More about Latisha… 

Latisha Douglas-Glynn supervises a program for Provider Oversight with state Ohio for the last 8 years, where she reviews, monitors, and evaluates program areas within the super agency with the goals of regulatory compliance and continuous quality improvement. In this capacity, she refined her skills for quality improvement and data analysis. Prior to her employment with Government, Latisha most recently served in the capacity of Compliance Auditor where she was responsible for overseeing fiscal audits for over 20 programs including budgets, compensation, and human resources to ensure compliance with current policy and procedures, risk mitigation assessments as well as corrective plans.

Latisha believes strongly in the value of volunteering. She has dedicated time with Cincinnati Public Schools, Cincinnati Model Investment Club, Healthcare Financial Management Association, God Did It Nonprofit, the Lutheran Social Services Choice Program and working with single mothers in areas such as how to stretch a dollar to coaching through their professional careers.

Latisha enjoys teaching families how to protect their assets. She enjoy working with Individuals and families to educate and inspire them to live their best lives by being financially independent. She is licensed in life insurance and studying for her series 6 license.

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