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Episode 30: “Clinical lab professional career development”- Dr. Nadia Ayala-Lopez

Lona Small, MT (ASCP), MBA, PMP, CPBPM sat down to talk with Dr. Nadia Ayala-Lopez, PhD, MLS (ASCP)CM to discuss career development opportunities for Clinical laboratory professionals.

Nadia Ayala-Lopez, PhD, MLS (ASCP) CM is a clinical chemistry fellow at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, earned a PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology from Michigan State University and completed a postdoctoral research fellowship in Laboratory Medicine at Yale University. Dr. Ayala-Lopez has been a leader of professional development initiatives and training programs over the last six years for graduate students, researchers, and professionals at Michigan State University and Yale University.

Dr. Ayala- Lopez discussed her journey from being a Medical Lab Scientist and the guidance she had along the way to where she is now as a Chemistry fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of medicine and her next move in becoming a CMS technical lab director.

Dr. Ayala- Lopez talked about the options available for career growth in the Clinical lab profession. She discussed outreach opportunities, the importance of mentorship, and an outline to a path that Clinical lab professionals can use when looking to develop themselves.

This episode is filled with a wealth of guidance for any Clinical lab professional who is seeking to grow in their career.

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