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Episode 30: “Inspiring Nations With Your Message”-Sonja Keeve

For Sonja Keeve it’s all about using your purpose to inspire nations! She has taken her setback and turned it into a powerful comeback utilizing her podcast. She shared insights from personal experiences so that you can see how the tips can be applied.

Sonja Keeve is an author, inspirational speaker, international podcaster and consultant. As a wife, mother, mentor and leader in her community, her passions lie in helping emerging career professional women to turn their passion projects into a thriving business to generate secondary income for their households. As a professional in the mortgage industry, she dedicates her time to building strategic relationships with loan officers and clients offering solutions to home ownership. Sonja is the CEO and founder of Podcasters Rock, a Facebook Community where she teaches both aspiring and seasoned Podcasters, how to launch a Powerful Podcast in 30 days or less. As the Executive Director and Host of Inspiring Nations Podcast Show, an internal podcast show heard in over 164+ countries, she interviews Women from across the globe that have stories of how they inspire others every day!

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