Leadership Tidbits With Coach Tee Wilson

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Leaders from various industries share relevant and practical success strategies.

Episode 31: “The Power Is When You Believe In Yourself”-Trista Polo

Trista Polo has over 10 years working with and coaching Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Her clients are CEOs, Solo-Preneurs and Network Marketing Business Owners. Some of them have gone on to author books, guest host television shows, create million dollar businesses and create ongoing residual income that replaced their linear income. Trista is also a speaker and trainer. She has trained doctors and health professionals to improve their speaking skills and regularly coordinates local and regional trainings for an online franchise company. 

A few of the leadership tidbits that Trista shared:
-Try saying yes more than you say no
-Always try to learn more and grow more
-Have multiple streams of income
-Trust yourself to know
-Be kinder to yourself and give yourself permission to love more

Listen to the full podcast for more of the interview with Trista!

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