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Episode 33: “Managing Across The Generations in The Lab”- Christina Hampton

In this episode, co-host Stephanie Whitehead interviews Administrative Director of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Christina Hampton.  Tune in as they discuss essential tips for managing across generations in the laboratory.

If you are just looking for advice on how maximize your team’s differences and lead diverse groups with various backgrounds and work ethics – this episode is for you! 

Guest Bio:
Christina Hampton is the Administrative Director of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at White Plains Hospital (WPH).  Christina joined WPH February of 2018 has a wealth of knowledge in the management of clinical laboratory operations, most recently supporting the effective preparation and successful re-accreditation by three external agency surveys.  Prior to joining the team at WPH, Christina served in various management positions at BioReference Laboratories.  She has an undergraduate degree in Biology from Stony Brook University, has completed coursework with the University of Pennsylvania in the field of Bioethics, and is licensed as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist with the State of New York. Christina has worked in the laboratory field for over 17 years and her experience spans all disciplines, both Clinical and Anatomical Pathology. 

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