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Episode 33- “Your Innate Gifts Are Your Superpower”- Selina Boshorin

Selina Boshorin is a Business Systems Strategist who mentors visionary small business owners, looking to make a bigger impact in the world. She coaches them to : Create sustainable Business Growth,Get Clear on their priorities, Implement Strategies that increase effectiveness and Streamline their business for Financial Success In a way that’s rewarding, fun & easy . 


With over 10 year’s experience in Careers Guidance, Hospitality & Welfare to work Selina has trained, coached and mentored Senior Leaders & CEOs In Leadership & Personal development. She personally experienced and saw with her clients and the organizations she supported, how being overworked & having a lack of clarity to create the right strategies , habits or systems can have a detrimental effect on productivity, performance and success. Selina helps her clients to work more productively and achieve success more effectively without sacrificing their well-being or the need for perfection and overworking. Her passion is encouraging people to utilize their innate gifts and genius as well as helping leaders to create stronger boundaries, make a bigger impact in the world & truly thrive.

A few of the leadership tidbits that Selina shared:
– Collaborations are important
-Be clear about your priorities and life balance
-Develop a sense of resiliency
-Trust and alignment are important to thrive as a leader
-You don’t need everyone to succeed. You only need a few

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