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Episode 34: “Leaders Reducing Burnout: Empowering your Team”

In this episode Lona Small discussed the topic of leadership overwhelm, Tips and Tools to reduce burnout, and at the same time empowering your team.

Lona discussed using a four-part tool, STREN, that you can use to empower your team and allows you to focus on tasks that will create more impact, move the needle and at the same time reduce burn out.

The STREN tool:


Lona discussed ways to simplify your SOP, involve your team in the writing, and make it less intimidating and more effective.

T- Training and Competency

Lona discussed training to ensure all the relevant team members are trained. Lona discussed ways to ensure that the training sticks using audits, spot checks and competency assessment.

R- Reward and Incentive

Lona discussed effective rewards system and examples of incentives

E- Education

Lona discussed the importance of Continuing education in empowering your team

N- Knowledge sharing

Lona discussed knowledge sharing as an effective way to empower your team and avoid burn out and frustrations.

Listen to the full episode to find out the way to utilize the STREN tool.

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