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Episode 38: ” Your Unique Competence Increases The Value of The Medical Lab Profession”

How can contributing your unique competence increase the perceived value of the Medical Lab Profession?

In this episode of eLABorate Topics podcast, Lona Gordon Small, MBA, PMP, CPBPM, MT (ASCP) discuss the topic of perceived value of the Medical lab profession and the change that is possible. Even if your service has high potential value and your customers do not understand how you can help, then perceived value of your service by your customer could be low. Value is of course what your customer is willing to pay for.

Lona discussed the positive benefit of utilizing the LabOPEX 4C model she use in her training within her LabOPEX Growth Academy community. Medical lab professionals (MLP) with aspirations to contribute and make an impact in their careers and in healthcare at the highest levels use the LabOPEX 4C model.

The positive side effects for the LabOPEX 4C model is that the Medical lab profession on a whole will benefit through increased perceived value. This increased perceived value is important to how the Medical lab profession is seen by the public, our customers, and the salaries and caliber of new professionals we therefore attract.

LabOPEX 4C Model

1. Core

2. Commit

3. Contribution and Impact

4. Continuous Improvement

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