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Episode 39: “Amazing Women Network”-Bonita Owens

Bonita Owens is an Inspirational Speaker, Women’s Empowerment Coach, and Founder of the Amazing Women Network.  AWN was created for high achieving women who are ready to move past self-doubt, uncertainty and people pleasing and using their voice, own their power, and rise into their significance. Bonita has a B.S. degree in Occupational Therapy, and although she loved her career, she always knew that she was called to make an impact on a larger platform. In 2014, Bonita decided to pursue public speaking as her platform, and she also went on to become a certified professional coach in 2015.  One of her career milestones was accomplished in 2018 by becoming a contributing author in the anthology, “Open Your G.I.F.T.S: 42 Lessons on Finding and Embracing Your Blessings in Disguise” with Kim Coles. Bonita is a military spouse of 18 years and she has two adorable children.


Bonita shared:

  • Now is the time to make a step, to reflect, and pivot
  • Get started today
  • It is important to get your day centered
  • Leave things better than you found them
  • Asking the right questions is important and learn to question more
  • Coaches can help you get to the next level
  • Self care is critical
  • Meditation is a powerful tool for clarity
  • You have everything that you need inside of you

To grab your free self care guide go to bit.ly/AWNcare and You can get Bonita’s book at bit.ly/bonitasbook

To connect with Bonita, visit her website at www.AmazingWomenNetwork.com. Connect with her on FB at amazingwomennetwork or e-mail her at bonita@amazingwomennetwork.com.

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