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Episode 41: “From Research Lab to Toxicology Consultant”- Lashanda N. Waller PhD

In this episode, co-host Tywauna Wilson interviews Lashanda N. Waller, PhD about her journey from working in research laboratories to the private sector laboratories and the differences of each pathway. Ms. Waller has then went on to package her genius and own a laboratory consulting firm where they help labs bring up new instruments, develop quality management plans, inspection prep, and policies and procedures. 

Guest Bio:
Lashanda N. Waller, PhD has an extensive background in the fields of microbiology, proteomics, clinical toxicology, and molecular biology utilizing mass spectrometry and molecular testing platforms throughout these fields. Previous projects include discovering surface biomarkers of microorganisms for biodetection/vaccine targeting and detection of post-translational modification sites produced by stimulated molecules present in the insulin/IGF-1 pathway of diabetic disease models. She is currently a Senior Clinical Toxicologist for drug screening and confirmation laboratories servicing clients in the clinical and criminal justice arenas. Lashanda has also partnered with a fellow scientist to offer consulting services for multiple scientific platforms.

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