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Episode 43: “How to Increase Your Professional Visibility”- Donna Marquess, FACHE, MA, MT(ASCP), SBB, DLMcm

Special Guest Bio:

Donna Marquess, FACHE, MA, MT(ASCP), SBB, DLMcm is a seasoned healthcare executive with strong roots in laboratory medicine. With a BS degree in Medical Technology, and specialty certifications in Blood Banking and Lab Management, Donna oversees hospital testing laboratories at a large hospital system. Her interest in mentoring future lab professionals led to many years teaching at the university level and earning a Master’s degree in Instructional Systems Development, furthering her knowledge in adult learning, which is key to developing strong leadership skills. A firm belief in lifelong learning and a second passion for politics and law led to Donna enrolling in law school where she will begin my third and final year in 2021. Donna’s love for team building and career growth within the laboratory field drives her desire to raise the visibility for the medical laboratory sciences profession. Her recent promotion to Vice President of Lab and Imaging Services allows her to shine a spotlight on this amazing profession and pave a path for others.

Donna would love to hear from any listeners with questions or comments! She can be reached via email at dmarques@lifebridgehealth.org.

Key takeaways from this show:

Have you ever felt like there are a few people in your organization that everyone knows?

Are your actively working to increase your professional visibility?

Laboratorians are sometimes referenced as the “behind the scenes heroes” but, in this episode, the eLABorate Topics podcast will be exploring why it is important to focus on raising your visibility and, the benefits of being aware of how visible you are professionally. Tune into this interesting episode, as Stephanie Whitehead discusses tips on increasing your professional visibility with Donna Marquess.

If you are a laboratory professional seeking guidance on what steps to take to get more involved and become more visible – this podcast is for you!

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