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Episode 54: “Stepping outside the box: Exploring Careers Opportunities for Laboratory Professionals “Off the Bench”- Grace Stankiewicz, BS, MT(ASCP)

Lab professionals are hugely versatile and the skills we gain while obtaining a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science set a good foundation to learn new skills in other career fields. Tune in and listen to this quick conversation as co-host, Stephanie Whitehead talks with Grace Stankiewicz about tactics to find and transition into opportunities outside of the typical clinical laboratory setting. 

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Special Guest Bio:

After many years of working primarily as a Blood Banker in various clinical settings and position levels, Grace Stankiewicz, BS, MT(ASCP) was provided the opportunity to start on a new career pathway working for Korchek Technologies, LLC. As a third-party vendor, Korchek provides an array of solutions for health care facilities that are frequently too short handed to complete crucial IT projects within expected timelines. Grace’s work has included validating transfusion medicine software, validating patient data that needs to be migrated from legacy to new systems, providing on site training, as well as go live support for clients as they implement new software. Her strong clinical background, as well as her ability to understand and perform essential build updates in Blood Bank software made the transition to a non-clinical position work so well. “I continue to learn and grow as a Medical Technologist with every new project I am assigned. The role that Information Technology plays in healthcare is ever-expanding, and I am grateful to be a part of it.” Listeners can reach out to Grace at: grace@korchek.com.

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