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Episode 56: “Foundations To Profit”- Edward Collins

This week’s mentor Edward Collins will be giving us tips on “Foundations To Profit”. He will share practical strategies that can help take a business owner from a path of just trying to keep your head above water to being able to consistently and predictably master profit within their enterprise.

Leadership Tidbits with Coach Tee Wilson is a virtual learning laboratory where Tywauna Wilson and her fellow Mentors share practical personal growth nuggets that professionals can use in both their personal and professional lives.

Guest Bio:
For more than two decades, Edward has been helping business owners all across the United States to tackle the challenges that a lack of financial literacy creates. As the founder of Uplevel Entrepreneur, a business coach, a financial strategist, and a committed problem solver, Edward has dedicated his career to creating his “By Design” Methodology that focuses on sharing actionable, tested in the trenches tools, techniques, and strategies to help entrepreneurs develop mastery over the mindset, money, and momentum necessary to achieve what he refers to as “Real Wealth.” He is on a mission to materially improve the lives and the businesses of 1,000,000 Freedom-Loving, Family-Focused Entrepreneurs.

In addition to Uplevel Entrepreneur, he has built and scaled multiple 7-figure businesses, spanning from a Financial Planning Firm to an Accounting Practice and a Digital Marketing Agency, with a few others sprinkled in there in between. You can find more info at uplevelentrepreneur.com.

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