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Episode 57: Twitter’s “MedLabChat”-Maria Roussakis, MLT, MSc

In this episode, Stephanie Whitehead talks with Social Media Ambassador, Maria Roussakis, about her career in the laboratory profession and about how she has used the power of social media to engage and network with other clinical laboratory professionals all over the world. Maria’s popular Twitter chat, #MedLabChat, is a monthly discussion that features interesting topics for all laboratory scientists.

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  • If you are interested reading Maria’s article with the HuffPost Canada, please visit: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/canadian-health-care-workers-coronavirus-spikes_ca_5e750f0bc5b63c3b64902d68

  • If you are interested reading Maria’s article with Healthy Debate, please visit:

  • Listeners can follow Maria Roussakis on Twitter and Instagram using @medlabmaria To read Maria’s blog, visit her website “My Kind of Science” https://mykindofscience.com/about/

    Special Guest Bio:
    In June of 2016, Maria Roussakis, MLT, MSc graduated from a Bachelor’s degree program in Medical Laboratory Science (Honours) from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, which allowed her to become a medical laboratory technologist. After writing her certification exam, she went on work in a community hospital setting within a multidisciplinary environment. In this role, she performed a variety of routine laboratory testing, in addition to performing venipunture and ECGs on inpatients. Maria continued in other similar roles, working in the core laboratory at another community hospital, gaining various knowledge and skills by experiencing different clinical cases. In the fall of 2017, she began a Master’s of Science in Health Science Education at McMaster University, and graduated this past fall. In April of 2020, Maria began working at McMaster University within the Platelet Immunology Laboratory, performing clinical testing and research on patients with suspected platelet immune disorders. During this time, she has volunteered with various laboratory organizations, such as the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science, Medical Laboratory Professionals Association of Ontario, and the American Association of Blood Bankers.

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