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Episode 60: “A Conversation with the Medical Lab Lady Gill”- Tiffany Gill, MA, MLS (ASCP)CM

In this episode, Stephanie Whitehead talks with Medical Lab Lady Gill (Tiffany Gill) about her career in the laboratory profession and how her role as an educator inspired her to create the popular YouTube channel, “Medical Lab Lady Gill”. Today, Professor Gill’s YouTube channel is an internationally viewed space with over 17K subscribers! The channel features helpful videos that teach fundamental medical laboratory science techniques through procedural videos and offers an online store with laboratory apparel designed by Lady Gill!

Listeners can follow Tiffany Gill on Twitter: @MedicalLabLadyG

Visit and subscribe to Tiffany’s YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/c/MedicalLabLadyGill

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Special Guest Bio:

Tiffany Gill is a Professor and MLT Program Coordinator who has worked in a variety of clinical laboratory environments, from a small rural hospital laboratory to a greater than 900 bed teaching hospital LEAN laboratory, in various positions. Although Professor Gill has taught courses in all disciplines of the clinical laboratory, she found her love for education after volunteering to teach Chemistry in the hospital-based MLS program where she worked. Her position was unique because she was able to be a senior technologist in the Core Lab, train employees, perform competencies, teach students in clinical rotations, work with pathology residents, and educate students in a classroom environment. Wanting to further her passion as an educator, Ms. Gill accepted the position of MLT Program Coordinator at the College of Southern Maryland. Since then, she has created a technology-enhanced program that offers collaborative learning experiences with students in other healthcare programs, as well as, ways for students to serve the community. She currently serves as a faculty mentor and an ASCP mentor. Her ultimate goal is to improve the safety and effectiveness of healthcare through collaborative healthcare education.

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