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Episode 63: Everyone Is Leaving, Should I Stay Or Go?

The United States Department of Labor reported in April 2021 that job openings were at an all time high with record breaking job openings of 9.3 million. Our labs are not immune to this and we are seeing it with the numerous openings that are hard to fill and  colleagues leaving at a rapid pace with no replacements. This is leaving our workplaces feeling abandoned. Today’s laboratorians have a choice. Do you stay and ride the wave or do you go?

In this episode, co-host Tywauna Wilson shares tips to consider when you are deciding to stay or leave an organization for greener pastures. 

Tips to Consider When Deciding to leave your current employer

  • Is the grass really greener on the other side?
  • Is this move, in alignment with my long term game or is this a short term win
  • If I stay, how do I turn the overwhelm and stress into an opportunity
  • And More

*Bonus* The lab community is small. Be aware the impression you are making with your current employer and colleagues   

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Call to Action:
Consider your current opportunity… Do you stay put or do you go? If you stay, what are some actions you plan to take to come out on the winning side of your current workplace crisis? If you go, what will make the opportunity worth it? Drop them in the comments and share your thoughts with us on  LinkedIn: eLABorate Topics Group

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