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Episode 73: Informal medical lab leaders addressing the current crisis with staffing.

As the medical lab field deals with the challenges of limited staffing and looking towards  the “great retirement”, the lab is struck by the negative effects of the pandemic, “the great attrition”. People are resigning from jobs in droves according to the McKenzie Quarterly. This to us is a triple wammy!

In this episode Lona Small gave tips that informal leaders could use to improve the morale on their teams.

1.     First fill your cup
Have a support system or means to support your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. Develop frequent and consistent habits of meditation, prayer, affirmations, exercise and eating healthy. This will put you in the right frame to address daily challenges.

2.     Become the champion for positive communication
a. Focus on the opportunities rather than fixated on the challenges and communicate these opportunities to your team members.

Is this an opportunity that could escalate the approval process of a new instrument that would be helpful to the team?
Could the situation make someone closer to becoming a charge tech?

b. Clarify and reframe negative news and misinformation.

3.     Be a Go-To person

Lend a helping hand when things become overwhelming for a team member and set the tempo for others to do the same.

4.     Be the listening ear
Be available to listen if your team member is having a challenging  day and needs to talk. Listen more than you talk but do not facilitate negative criticisms and a pity party.

5.     Initiate positive solutions

Look for ways to improve the team spirit. Continue to have parties and celebrations in a safe way. Do the baby showers, birthday parties, wedding showers etc. Continue with the kudos board.

Don’t make the mistake in thinking that you will always be in a good place of giving. Remember that you too can have a bad day. If so, do  not be afraid to press pause, and don’t hesitate to let your team members know you need some time, and find someone you trust to talk to.

Don’t think you have to be good at doing all of the 5 things. You maybe good and some and not others. Just choose something to do to build morale and team spirit on your team. be creative and come up with others.

So the first thing to do if you are stepping up to lead your team to improve team spirit and morale is to ….. You guess right. Fill your cup first.

Listen to this full episode of eLABorate Topics podcast to get more details on how to improve team spirit and morale now, as an informal leader.


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