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Episode 78: “Laboratory Professional 2.0”- Blessing Ijeoma Ugwumba, MLS (ASCPi), MPH

Special Guest Bio:

Blessing Ijeoma Ugwumba, MLS (ASCPi), MPH. is a research student with an interest in public health research, transfusion medicine, cancer research, and health system services. Her love for research stems from her histopathology internship posting. Blessing is from Nigeria (in West Africa), where she obtained a bachelor’s in medical laboratory science. Currently, she is branching out into other areas of interest in science and medicine. In obtaining her MPH, Blessing found that Health-related social disparities is universal. Her dream is to impact change through evidence-based practices especially toward the minority group and people that cannot advocate for themselves. 


Show Highlights:

In this episode, co-host Stephanie Whitehead interviews Blessing Ugwumba, MLS (ASCPi), MPH. As an internationally educated and trained medical laboratory scientist, Blessing has had a unique opportunity to practice and experience perspectives of the laboratory profession (both internationally and nationally). 


Tune in as Blessing discusses her fascinating view on laboratory medicine and learn how she is using her broad educational experiences to enhance her career. 


If you are just looking for advice on how maximize your experiences and expand your career aspirations– this episode is for you! 


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