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Episode 8: “Laboratorians stepping up and Stepping Out!”

This episode of the “eLABorate Topics” podcast,  “Laboratorians stepping up and Stepping Out!”  Lona Small, MBA, PMP, CPBPM, MT (ASCP) discusses the importance of the Laboratory collaborating with other healthcare groups to solve healthcare issues affecting labs and healthcare as a whole.

Lona shared that she learnt that,

When we contribute to positive outcomes, in a collaborative environment, we gain influence, demonstrate our value and make an impact!”

From Lona’s experiences in collaborating to implement hospital-wide and organizational wide improvements, Lona shared the 8 Must Do’s in order to have effective collaboration and demonstrate your value and impact.

  1. Grasp The Opportunity
  2. Involve relevant Stakeholders
  3. Agree on A Common Goal
  4. Select champions
  5. Communicate Changes
  6. Sustain Changes
  7. Demonstrate the value of Improvements or Changes
  8. Report Improvements and Changes

A next level impact would be Laboratorians collaborating among ourselves. This creates strong coalition and a stronger voice for advocacy and shining the light on the lab as we take our place as an important part of the whole.

Connect with Lona on LinkedIn, follow #YouAreAnImportantPartOfTheWhole  start and continue the conversation how we can be “Stronger Together”.


Grab free guide for “5 Baby Steps Out of the Basement” to help you with starting out your journey in collaborating with other healthcare groups. https://www.lonasmall.com/pl/133013

4 comments on “Episode 8: “Laboratorians stepping up and Stepping Out!”

  1. Priscilla Gordon says:

    I’m a anesthesia provider. Great and important information to consider in my day to practice.
    Thank you.

    1. tywauna says:

      Thank you Priscilla for listening and for letting us know you enjoyed the show!! Please share with anyone else that can benefit from the information.

  2. Femi Vincent. says:

    Very informative. Thanks.

    1. tywauna says:

      Thanks Femi for listening. Please share with a friend who could benefit from the information shared on the show.

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