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Episode 8: “Thank you for being a Friend”-The Importance of Work Friends

Everyone needs a good set of friends to lean on from time to time – but should you find those bonds with people you work with? Don’t underestimate the power of your relationships at work! A work “spouse” or “BFF” could be the key to your success in the workplace. Employees that have friends at work are thought to be more productive, engaged and motivated.

In this episode, Stephanie and Kristine break down why you should seek out having productive friendships at work. You’re sure to be entertained and while getting some great advice!

Kristine I. Talamante MSN, RN works in healthcare leadership for a large hospital. Kristine is a strong advocate in Self-care, team morale and ensuring that staff feels safe. She has focused her passion on working with healthcare professionals and teams about compassion fatigue and burnout, moral distress, and most recently, Trauma Informed Care. Kristine feels strongly about Safety, Risk Management and identifying potential risks that can cause loss or harm to the institution. Listeners can reach out to Kristine on Instagram @Kristine_talamante_rn.

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