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Episode 85: “The National Coalition for the Advancement of Laboratory Professionals” – Jesse Day

In this episode of the eLABorate Topics podcast, Lona Small interviewed Jesse Day as he spoke about his work in grassroots advocacy for the medical lab profession, the success it garnered, and the formation of a collaborative grassroots organization the National Coalition for the Advancement of Laboratory Professionals.

Guest Bio
Jesse Day is a Medical Laboratory Scientist, board-certified by ASCP who has been involved in laboratory medicine since 2013 when he started working as a global health volunteer in Haiti and later as a phlebotomist in 2015. Jesse graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University’s College of Health Professions (Medical Laboratory Sciences, Bachelor of Science) and at the time of this recording was soon to be graduating with my Master of Healthcare Administration. Jesse can be reached at jesse.day@ncalp.com or via LinkedIn.

 The National Coalition for the Advancement of Laboratory Professionals (NCALP)
 The mission of The NCALP is to provide direct advocacy for medical laboratory professionals in the areas of education, certification, licensure, and wage-equity to assure long-term quality excellence in the practice of laboratory medicine. Our fundamental work will build upon a strong integrated network of clinical and community-based resources that strengthen and promote laboratory professionals and their value to medicine – expanding public knowledge of the field to generate interest in the profession among young adults and further increasing public attention and revenue for professional development. 

Listeners to follow the Facebook page for the latest updates. There is a temporary home page up on our website, ncalp.com. Individuals, universities and educational programs, laboratory organizations, and more should reach out to us at info@ncalp.com for volunteer opportunities and partnerships.  

Key Topics of the interview: 

  1. How to get involved with advocacy
  2. How has the journey been successful
  3. What is the NCALP and why are organizations like this important 
  4. Ways other Medical Laboratory Professionals can get involved in lab advocacy

Listen to this full episode of eLABorate Topics podcast to get more details on this topic.


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