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eLABorate Topics

Episode 37: Why should you prioritize leading yourself over leading others

We are experiencing some of the most challenging times in the lab field, in our personal lives, and in so many industries, especially healthcare.

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Episode 36: The Importance of Resiliency and Self-Awareness in your Lab Career (featuring Sean McNair)

In this episode, co-hosts Stephanie Whitehead and Tywauna Wilson talk with Sean McNair, MPH, CT(ASCP) about his professional journey and the themes of resiliency and self awareness that he has experienced throughout his career

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Episode 34: “An Unplanned Pathway to CLIA Lab Director” – Dr. Tiffany Bratton

In this episode, Co-Host Tywauna Wilson, sits down with Dr. Tiffany Bratton to discuss her journey to CLIA director for Histocompatibility and Molecular laboratories.

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Episode 33: “Training vs. Competency – What’s the difference?”

In this episode of eLABorate Topics podcast hosts Lona Small, Tywauna Wilson, and Stephanie Whitehead had a great roundtable discussion on Training vs. Competency.

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Episode 31: 10 Important benefits of creating happiness in the workplace

In this episode Lona Small discusses happiness in the workplace and why it is important for labs to focus on this now as a strategic objective.

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Episode 30: “Deal or No Deal? The Power of the Right Negotiation Skills”

In today’s episode, Tywauna Wilson will share tips on developing the skills to be a successful negotiator to win in any situation.

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Episode 29: Leadership, Influence & Impact in STEM, featuring Tokiwa Smith

In today’s discussion, the eLABorate co-hosts talk to special guest, Tokiwa Smith about how she has used her influence and skills to make a huge impact in her community.

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Episode 28: Leveraging the Power of Local Advocacy to Impact the Workforce Shortage

In today’s episode, co-host Stephanie Whitehead interviews Dr. Diane Banks to discuss the importance of laboratory advocacy to leverage success as a MLT program director.

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Episode 27: 10 Traits of a High Performance Leader

Have you wondered why some leaders seem to thrive and be so fulfilled in their roles, while others are stressed out with migraines, always angry and frustrated, many with deteriorating health conditions?

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