eLABorate Topics

Leadership and Technical Strategies for Medical Laboratory Professionals to excel inside and outside of the lab.

Hosted ByLona Small, Stephanie Whitehead, & Tywauna Wilson


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Episode 44: “Success Tips For The New Supervisor”

In this episode, co-host Tywauna Wilson discuss simple tips to be a success in your new supervisor role.

Episode 43: “How to Increase Your Professional Visibility”- Donna Marquess, FACHE, MA, MT(ASCP), SBB, DLMcm

Co-host Stephanie Whitehead interviews Donna Marquess, FACHE, MA, MT(ASCP), SBB, DLMcm about strategies to increase your professional visibility.

Episode 42: “Reducing Lab Errors with System Thinking”

In this episode of eLABorate Topics podcast Lona Small, discussed the old way of approaching errors in the lab and the new way of system thinking as a way to reduce errors.

Episode 41: “From Research Lab to Toxicology Consultant”- Lashanda N. Waller PhD

In this episode, co-host Tywauna Wilson interviews Lashanda N. Waller, PhD about her journey from working in research laboratories to the private sector laboratories and the differences of each pathway. Ms. Waller has then went on to package her genius an

Episode 40: “Behind The Scenes with Lona Small: Using lessons learned from failure to teach others to succeed”

Stephanie Whitehead and Tywauna Wilson did another behind the scenes with the cohost Lona Small about using lessons learned from failure to teach others to succeed.

Episode 39: “2021: Reflect and Restart your Career!”

Tune into this episode as returning special guests Kristine Talamante and Joycelyn Jones discuss how they have taken the opportunity (with a new year, 2021) to reflect on their lives and career and see what adjustments they will be making to advance thems

Episode 38: ” Your Unique Competence Increases The Value of The Medical Lab Profession”

Lona discusses how “Unlocking and Understanding Your Core” and “Contribution and Impact” will make a difference in educating our customers and increasing the perceived value of the Medical lab profession.

Episode 37: “Forensic Pathology: I Tell The Story My Patients Can’t Tell ” -Dr. Nicole Jackson

In this episode, co-host Tywauna Wilson interviews Medical Examiner Dr Nicole Jackson. They dive in the topic of forensic pathology and the importance of self care for the medical laboratory team.

Episode 36: “From The Pit of Failure To Making A Global Impact”- Behind the Scenes with Tywauna Wilson

In this special behind the bench, Co-hosts Lona Small and Stephanie Whitehead, interview Tywauna Wilson about her journey to laboratory leadership and her impactful work in the Cincinnati/Dayton, OH...