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Leadership and Technical Strategies for Medical Laboratory Professionals to excel inside and outside of the lab.

Hosted ByLona Small, Stephanie Whitehead, & Tywauna Wilson


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Episode 73: Informal medical lab leaders addressing the current crisis with staffing.

In this eLABorate Topic podcast episode, Lona Small discusses what informal medical lab leaders can do now to address the challenges of limited staffing

Episode 72: Leading Without A Title

In this episode of eLABorate Topics podcast, cohosts Lona Small, Stephanie Whitehead and Tywauna Wilson discuss how you can lead without a title.

Episode 71: Top Delegation Tips For Managers

In this episode, co-host Tywauna Wilson shares tips for effective delegation for those in leadership roles.

Episode 70: A Conversation with “Talking Laboratories”

In this episode, Stephanie Whitehead talks with Anne L. Tate, MT (ASCP)SC, MBA, MHI – the cohost of “Talking Laboratories” podcast, about her career in the laboratory profession and about how she has used the power of podcasting to engage professionals in

Episode 69: Importance of Being A Role Model As a Medical Laboratory Leader

In this episode Lona Small discusses the benefits of being a role model, and highlights a role model as a trait of a Lab operational excellence leader.

Episode 68: Standardization Across Multiple Locations

In this episode, co-host Tywauna Wilson shares tips to consider when your organization is standardizing multiple labs.

Episode 67: “Leading When Your Boss Can’t”

Co-Hosts Tywauna Wilson, Lona Small, and Stephanie Whitehead discuss various strategies for leading when your boss can’t or won’t lead.

Episode 66: “Setting a Clear Vision for Your Medical Laboratory”

In this episode Lona Small discussed the benefits and tactical steps of setting a clear vision for your lab.

Episode 65: “Improve and Empower Your Team”

Co-Host Stephanie Whitehead, MBA, MPH, MT (ASCP) guides listeners through the necessary steps to motivate your team and drive results!