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Episode 4: “The Power of Social Capital”- Dr. Kami Rapp

Kami Rapp, DNP, MBA, RN is currently a Nurse Clinical Educator and a Professioral Lecturer for the Milkin Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University in the Executive Masters of Healthcare Administration program. In this episode, Kami talks about meaning of “social capital” and discusses the value of relationship building in healthcare. In her career, Dr. Rapp has focused her studies and work on safety culture development in health care institutions. She is most interested in how leadership influences safety culture and how system’s thinking, process improvement, and staff engagement contribute to patient safety. Listeners can reach out to Dr. Rapp at Kamirapp@gwu.edu.

Key Takeaways from the show:

· Harness the power of relationships to drive your projects and goals to success

· Broaden your network! Work to create deep and meaningful professional relationships

· Add Value to others in your network and they will add value to you!

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2 comments on “Episode 4: “The Power of Social Capital”- Dr. Kami Rapp

  1. Arianne Scott-Pittman says:

    Great topic with lots of valuable insights on the power of positive relationship building and adding value to others and your relationships. Thanks for sharing!

    1. tywauna says:

      Thank you Arianne for listening to the show and for your feedback! We are glad you found value in today’s topic!

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