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Episode 7: Expanding Skills Beyond Traditional Education for Career Success

In this episode of eLABorate Topics, co-host Tywauna Wilson dives into the transformative world of learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. Join us as we explore strategies for medical laboratory professionals to continue their education, enhance personal growth, and achieve professional success. Today, we...

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Ep 14: “Lab Leader Leverage: Executive Strategies for Team Growth & Time Mastery”

In today’s episode, we explore the critical balance that every empathetic leader strives to achieve: supporting their teams effectively while protecting their own well-being and efficiency. Lona Small, a leadership and career success coach, provides actionable insights for lab leaders and executives on steering...

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Episode 5: “Lab Manager Leadership Summit: Elevating Excellence with Scott Hanton and Michelle Hoad”

An eLABorate Topics x 2024 Lab Manager Leadership Summit Collaboration! Welcome back to another exciting episode of eLABorate! Today’s episode is an epic collaboration with the 2024 Lab Manager Leadership Summit featuring two of the Summit’s most influential leaders, Scott Hanton, and Michelle Hoad,...

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Episode 4: Well-being Matters: Tips to Fuel Leadership Success (featuring Annamari Dietrichson, BSc, MHA)

In this episode, co-host, Stephanie Whitehead chats with Annamari Dietrichson to explore the importance of well-being in healthcare leaders. Tune in as Annamari discusses the impact of burnout, shares effective self-care practices, and offers insights on how leaders can create a culture that prioritizes...

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