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Episode 48: Mastering Your Message: “How To Give A Powerful Presentation!”- Dr. Jonas Gadson

This week's mentor is Dr. Jonas Gadson gives tips on Mastering Your Message: "How To Give A Powerful Presentation!"

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Episode 75: The Life of a Phlebotomist Entrepreneur- Lisa Wylie

Co-host Tywauna Wilson interviews Lisa Wylie about her journey as a phlebotomist entrepreneur.

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Episode 47: Benefits of Collaboration- Lona Small

This week's mentor, Lona Small, gives tips on The Benefits of Collaboration

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Episode 74: Managing your Mind

In today’s exciting episode the co-host, Stephanie Whitehead, shares insight on how to neutralize negative thinking, change your perceptive. Tune out the distractions and turn up your volume to hear some impactful advice how to manage your mind and contro

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