Leadership Tidbits With Coach Tee Wilson

Leaders from various industries share relevant and practical success strategies.

Hosted ByTywauna Wilson

Leadership Tidbits features various leaders across different industries giving practical and professional strategies that you can implement today.

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Episode 35: “I Am An Abundant Babe Living an Abundant Life”- Viola Hug

Viola Hug shares with the listeners how to have an abundant mindset to live a more fulfilled life by tapping into the power within.

Episode 34: “I Own It! Protecting My Brand”- Nuzayra Haque

Nuzayra Haque is a virtual attorney who shares the importance of having compliance in your business, why you should trademark, and how she has been able to use her creativity to run her business.

Episode 32: “Connecting Leaders through Storytelling”-Martine Cadet

Martine Cadet shares tidbits about using the power of story telling to increase your leadership and person brand on Instagram and Facebook.

Episode 31: “The Power Is When You Believe In Yourself”-Trista Polo

Trista Polo shares tidbits about learning, growing, and loving yourself more. When you believe in yourself your you can conquer the world.

Episode 30: “Inspiring Nations With Your Message”-Sonja Keeve

Sonja Keeve shares tidbits on how to turn your setback into your leadership message through podcasting