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Episode 29: Rediscover Your Fire: Strategies for Passionate, Purposeful Leadership in the Lab


In this  episode of eLABorate Topics podcast Lona Small provides strategies for lab leaders to rediscover their passion and purpose. Lona shares a 7-step roadmap to help reignite the fire and drive change through purposeful leadership.

1. Uncover Your Calling: Identify your unique purpose and passion within the field of lab medicine. Find the niche that ignites your passion and allows you to make a difference.

2. Clarify the Destination: Envision the impact you want to create and the benefits it will bring. Get clear and excited about the change you will spearhead.

3. Become Fully Immersed: Remove distractions and become 100% focused on your purpose. Surround yourself with learning, mentors, conferences etc. to become a true master of your niche. 

4. Rally Your Team: Communicate your inspirational vision and get your team excited about it. Encourage ideas from them to unite everyone in purpose.

5. Execute the Plan: Involve your team in setting goals, timelines, metrics etc. Stay focused on the end goal while celebrating small wins along the way.

6. Celebrate the Wins: Recognize and reward your team’s achievements. Analyze the impacts created to further motivate everyone. 

7. Expand Your Influence: Broaden your impact by sharing your niche expertise through publishing, speaking, training etc. Pursue lifelong growth and leave a legacy.

Key messages: Let your unique purpose and passion fuel your leadership. Create a vivid vision, fully commit, engage your team, persist through obstacles, and share your niche expertise to drive change. Rediscover your fire and create the impact you were meant to.

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