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Episode 70: A Conversation with “Talking Laboratories” -Anne L. Tate, MT(ASCP)SC,MBA, MHI

Special Guest Bio:

Anne has over 25 years’ experience in the laboratory management and healthcare consulting business. As former laboratory Manager at National Jewish Hospital in Denver, Colorado, and a Group IT Software and Automation Manager at Sysmex America, she is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of managing laboratory information. She is a principal at Talking Laboratories consulting which is dedicated to providing end-to-end support for laboratory informatic projects.


Anne is fueled by her passion for laboratory informatics and software tools that enable the laboratory to achieve operational excellence. She has spanned the continuum of healthcare roles from laboratory management to software and clinical decision rule development to sales and marketing leadership for various IT product lines. Anne offers a unique blend of clinical and IT knowledge to enhance laboratory efficiency and performance. She can help you develop a strategy to drive better business decisions using healthcare and laboratory informatics.


About this Episode

In this episode, Stephanie Whitehead talks with Anne L. Tate, MT (ASCP)SC, MBA, MHI – the cohost of “Talking Laboratories” podcast, about her career in the laboratory profession and about how she has used the power of podcasting to engage professionals in and outside of the clinical laboratory profession. 


Be sure to visit https://www.talkinglabs.net/ to discover a wide range of services and tools provided by Talking Laboratories for your lab IT and informatic projects.  


Follow the Dark Intelligence Precision Medicine briefing series moderated by Anne Tate and Talking Laboratories by subscribing to the weekly podcast at https://precision-medicine-institute.com/. 


Listeners can follow Anne Tate and Talking Laboratories social media accounts at @talkinglaboratories (Facebook), @TalkingLaborat1 (Twitter) and Talking Laboratories (LinkedIn). Contact Anne directly via email at Talkinglabs@talkinglabs.net


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1 comment on “Episode 70: A Conversation with “Talking Laboratories” -Anne L. Tate, MT(ASCP)SC,MBA, MHI

  1. Angela Robinson says:

    Was also involved in LIS as an assoc admin and loved Sunquest as LIS system

    Interesting professional history you conveyed with IT and automation in Laboratory Medicine

    And congratulations on becoming an independent professional with Dark Report as a customer

    Interesting journey of a laboratory professional. Congratulations.

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