Month: November 2020

Episode 30: “Clinical lab professional career development”- Dr. Nadia Ayala-Lopez

In this episode, co-host Lona Small, MBA, PMP, CPBPM, MT (ASCP) sits down with Dr. Nadia Ayala-Lopez to discuss clinical lab professional career development.

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Episode 6: “Need Accountability? 4 Qualities to Look For In an Accountability Partner”

Accountability partners, how many of us have them? If you have goals, dreams, and need help, the right Accountability Partner will get you going in the right direction. In this episode, you will learn about key qualities to look for in an ideal accountabi

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Episode 29: “You Got The Job!! Time to Review the Offer”

In this episode, co-host Tywauna Wilson discuss strategies for reviewing your job offer and negotiating a package you are excited about

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Episode 28: “Kick Start your lab career- The Importance of joining a professional organization”

Tune into this episode as co-host, Stephanie Whitehead, and special guests, Tiffany Channer and Aaron Odegard, discuss the importance of joining a professional organization.

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Episode 27: “How to Move From Just Managing to Leading”

Co-Hosts Tywauna Wilson, Lona Small, and Stephanie Whitehead discuss various strategies for how to move from just managing to leading.

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