Month: April 2024

Episode 11: The Quiet Strength of Being an Introverted Leader (featuring Jennifer Becker, MLS(ASCP))

In this episode, Stephanie Whitehead delves into the fascinating world of leadership with a twist – the introverted leader. Join Stephanie as she sits down with Jennifer “Jeni” Becker, a seasoned clinical laboratory leader whose introverted demeanor belies a wealth of leadership insights and strategies. Introverts often find themselves in leadership roles, yet their approach…

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Episode 10: Navigating Laboratory Leadership: Insights from Dr. Rodney Rohde

**This episode was recorded on March 8, 2024, and references the 2024 Lab Manager Leadership Summit (Denver, CO) In this episode, we dive into the world of laboratory leadership with esteemed guest Dr. Rodney Rohde, as he sheds light on his Clinical Seminar at the April 2024 Lab Manager Leadership Summit.  Join us as we…

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