Month: February 2024

Episode 5: “Lab Manager Leadership Summit: Elevating Excellence with Scott Hanton and Michelle Hoad”

An eLABorate Topics x 2024 Lab Manager Leadership Summit Collaboration! Welcome back to another exciting episode of eLABorate! Today’s episode is an epic collaboration with the 2024 Lab Manager Leadership Summit featuring two of the Summit’s most influential leaders, Scott Hanton, and Michelle Hoad, joining as our special guests. In today’s episode, we will explore:…

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Episode 4: Well-being Matters: Tips to Fuel Leadership Success (featuring Annamari Dietrichson, BSc, MHA)

In this episode, co-host, Stephanie Whitehead chats with Annamari Dietrichson to explore the importance of well-being in healthcare leaders. Tune in as Annamari discusses the impact of burnout, shares effective self-care practices, and offers insights on how leaders can create a culture that prioritizes well-being, ultimately enhancing performance and job satisfaction. Grab a pen and…

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Episode 3: Communicate Your Views With Clarity and Confidence

In this episode of eLABorate Topics, co-host Tywauna Wilson shares strategies for effective communication in the laboratory setting, providing practical tips to help medical laboratory professionals improve their communication skills. Today, we will cover: – Understanding Your Audience: Tailoring your message to diverse stakeholders to ensure clarity and engagement. – Structuring Your Message for Impact:…

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