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Episode 10: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”-Ashley Little

This week’s Leadership Tidbits with Coach Tee Wilson features special guest, Ashley Little. Ms. Little is your not-so-average woman on-the-go. She is a corporate professional by day, and an entrepreneur by night. Before we dive into her interview, here’s a few facts to know about her.

Ashley Little is a strong leader who has a passion for changing lives through education. She has been working in the for-profit education field for over 13 years. Ms. Little received her undergraduate degree in English from North Carolina A&T State University. Next, she received her Master’s Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Ms. Little is The CEO/Founder of Ashley Little Enterprises, LLC which encompasses her media, consulting work, writing, and empowerment speaking. In addition, she is a Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and 3X Best Selling Author who loves empowering women in many different walks of life to build confidence emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, and a member of Alpha Phi Omega. She is heavily involved in her community, organizations and nonprofits. Currently, she is the Co-Founder of Sweetheart Scholars Non-profit Organization 501c3, along with three other powerful women. This scholarship is given out annually to African American females from her hometown of Wadesboro, North Carolina who are attending college to help with their expenses. 

Ms. Little is a strong believer that you always need to be reaching back, and pulling forward. In addition to her non-profit, Ms. Little is the Co-Founder and Owner of T.A.L.K Radio & TV Network, LLP. It airs in over 167 countries, streamed LIVE on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Periscope. This live entertainment platform is for new or existing radio shows, television shows, or other electronic media outlets, to air content from a centralized source. She is also the Owner and Creator of Creative Broadcasting Radio Station the station of “Unlimited Possibilities” and Podcast, Radio/TV Host. Lastly, she is a Board Member and Radio Host for the Urban CEO Network. Ms. Little is a 3X Best Selling Author of “Dear Fear, Volume 2 18 Powerful Lessons Of Living Your Best Life Outside Of Fear”, “The Gyrlfriend Code Volume 1”, “I Survived” and “Hello Queen”.  She has been on many different Podcasts, TV Shows, Magazines, and Radio Shows. These accomplishments and accolades are just a few from an extensive list of many more. 

From the beginning of the show, Ms. Little was more than ready to share some wisdom. She started with talking about the power in partnerships and collaborations. She reminds us that through working together, we can learn that everyone has something they can bring to the table. In addition she quickly reminded us the importance of always remaining a student. This gives us the opportunity to constantly grow and learn new things. One standout quote from Ms. Little is, “ You must be reaching back and pulling forward. You’re not successful unless you’re helping somebody else get there.” As the interview continued, Ms. Little even talked to us a little bit about her chapter in Dear Fear Volume 2 that is titled “Dear Fear: You can’t have my Power.” Through that chapter she talks about how she has dealt with discrimination as a black woman in multiple executive level positions in corporate America and how she was able to overcome those experiences. 

Overall, Ms. Little provided listeners with numerous leadership nuggets that we all can apply to our daily lives. To summarize, here are just a few: You can’t put your destiny in someone else’s hands, remember no one will work harder for your dream then you do, get started, don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and in your dreams, make sure you come with value, it’s going to be scary but do it afraid, there’s power in relationships, don’t be afraid to share your story, your destiny is tied to your collaborations, remember you need to have good communication, always remain a student, and your mentorships and partnerships are extremely important.


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