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Episode 21: “ It’s a Process” – Erica Holston

This week’s Leadership Tidbits with Coach Tee Wilson features the highly skilled woman Erica J. Holston. Before diving into this powerful show, here is a little bit of information you should know about her. Erica is a wife, family woman, and a friend. She has been married for seven years to her loving husband, Seth Holston.  A Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Certified Relationship & Communication Coach. She assists singles to learn how to date, who to date, and discovering when someone is a good fit. She also helps married couples to enhance their romantic connections, build their communication skills, and create lasting change by setting realistic goals.Erica has been relationship and communication coaching for over five years. She decided to open a coaching practice named Vine Life Coaching. She coaches working professionals, entrepreneurs, and people who are motivated to do their work. As a Motivational Speaker, she has spoken at multiple women’s  empowerment events, vision board parties, ministries, and social groups.

 Erica began this show by giving us more of an insight into her leadership journey. She shared that she previously was a telecommunications account manager, and that by becoming a leader she has been able to help other individuals develop their own leadership skills. In the journey of leadership, many skills and strengths are needed. Erica was able to elaborate on some of the skills she possesses that have helped her along the way. One of which included being aware of who she is, her capabilities, and knowing her strengths. She explained that she is willing to walk through the process even when it is hard and never give up. In fact, Erica’s specialty is digging deep. So much so, that when working with her clients she builds upon the first block, asking them a question and also asking them to go deeper. This helps them fully transition within that coaching session. Erica advises that those pursuing leadership get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Having her own coaching practice, Vine Life Coaching, Erica was able to provide some helpful leadership tidbits. She explained that leaders need to work on their communication skills. Listening is one of those very important skill sets. An example that Erica provided is to enhance your listening skills in paraphrasing. After you listen to what someone has told you, you can say a phrase such as “So what I hear you saying is…” This lets the other person know that you understand them and then you can continue to build that authentic connection. In addition to that skill set, Erica explained that you have to be willing to do what it takes and be truly genuine about connecting with other people. 

 Erica’s definition of success is, “To set a goal or strategy and being able to achieve the things I set out to do”. She further elaborated that when it comes to success, it takes time to get the results that you want. So take the time you need to grow and don’t be afraid if things are taking just a little bit longer. Success is learning and having a teachable mindset. When it comes to failure, Erica says she doesn’t acknowledge it because she is always going to learn something. For Leaders who are working on building their confidence, Erica advises that you know what you’re capable of, do what you need to move forward, don’t allow anyone to diminish your skill set, and put people around you to support your vision.  Erica left the show with these tidbits: Have a 90 day goal plan, a year goal plan, and a 2 years goal plan. Lastly, “If you plan to fail then you fail to plan.”

You can learn more about Erica and her services by visiting www.vinelifecoaching.com

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