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Episode 24: “I Am Unstoppable”- Tijuana Everhart

This week’s Leadership Tidbits with Coach Tee Wilson features the unstoppable Tijuana Everhart.  Tijuana is a business owner and transformational speaker who focuses on leadership training, development, and business consulting. By having a heart for people, she strives to see them excel in every area of their life. TJ  utilizes the skills she has obtained professionally and educationally to make leaders better.  She also uses her twenty plus years of corporate operational management experience to help business owners and non-profits to grow financially, ensure efficiency, and increase their leadership development. She has been able to inspire so many to reach goals they never thought they could reach and have been instrumental in turning low performing teams into high performing teams. 

Tijuana advises you to be unstoppable and resilient, be relentless, and constantly hone your craft. Be a risk taker, and take the mindset that you’re always going to evolve and get better. When it comes to communication, Tijuana explained that you have to have great listening skills. She shared that you need to find the need a person has, articulate how you meet the needs of the individual or company, and then meet that need. Through Everhart and Associates, Tijuana has to address different types of business owners. She explained that one side is for smaller business owners who may have 1- 5 employees. She has found that these owners are very gifted in their craft, but they are missing the business mindset. They need more assistance on how to grow and sustain business. She further shared that she starts with an operational analysis of their business and then identifies what she sees that could make them grow. The other side is the performance and change management. 

Along Tijuana’s journey she has learned many lessons. She explained that she made several mistakes along her leadership journey. When she was first a manager she was more task-oriented versus leader oriented. Eventually she had to re-asses herself, and realized that if you manage people out of fear, you won’t get the proper results. She also learned to be receptive, open to feedback, and to pull on the strengths of her team members.

To continue her growth, Tijuana shared that she sits under people who are ahead of her, reads books and listen to podcasts on business and personal development, goes to workshops and conferences, and continues to learn her craft. She maintains the mindset that she is unstoppable, no matter what the circumstance is. Tijuana closed the show by leaving you with the leadership tidbit to be open and let the people you work with know that you value them.  

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