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Episode 38: “The Life You Crave”-April Benson

April B. Benson (Jones) is a Certified Executive Coach and author of the highly-rated transformational book, The Life You Crave: The Business of You. Based in Washington, D.C., April specializes in Corporate Communications and Crucial Conversations coaching, organizational leadership, and information management. With over twenty years of experience in her field, she channels her professionalism and straightforward honesty into helping high potential women find their voice.

April has a diverse educational and professional background, from which she draws inspiration coaching. She is certified as a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, as well as in a number of tools including Meyers Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory, and Social Emotional Intelligence. April holds two Masters degrees: A Science Degree in Information Management with a specialization in Government from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, and a Telecommunications and Information Systems Degree from Capitol Technology University in Laurel, Maryland. From these, she learned the value of determination, deliberation, and an honest approach to human relations. April B. Benson’s (Jones) coaching style and authored books are a beacon of light for all that experience them. She shares invaluable insight earned from her own journey to success. She helps her clients find and use their voice. In all of her life’s work, one theme remains clear: it’s never too late to make a positive change in your life.

April shared:

  • Find allies and make sure you meet with them one on one to get buy in
  • Don’t be afraid to take advantage when opportunities present themselves
  • If something is important to you, you find a way
  • A support system is necessary for your success
  • Find a mentor that has qualities and traits you desire
  • Have a personal brag list

To learn more about April visit her website at www.aprilbbenson.com. Connect with her on 
Facebook and Twitter @thelifeyoucrave.

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