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Episode 15: “Emerging Solutions and Opportunities for the Clinical Laboratory Workforce “- Dana Bostic

Dana Bostic is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences – School of Health Professions. As an ASCP-certified Medical Laboratory Scientist, Ms. Bostic’s areas of expertise include the following: Infectious Disease Testing, Immunohematology, Learning and Development, Interprofessional Education, and Healthcare Simulation. She has become increasingly involved with supporting diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. 

Ms. Bostic has been highlighted by other professional organizations, such as AABB and ASCLS, for her voluntary contributions in both service and leadership on various committees and task forces in promoting the clinical laboratory science profession. Currently, Ms. Bostic serves on the ASCP Council of Laboratory Professionals and actively engages in the mentorship of emerging laboratory professionals. Regionally, Dana is an active member of the Heart of America Association for Blood Banks (HAABB) and the Kansas City Regional Simulation Alliance (KCRSA) while serving as a Representative-at-Large for ASCLS-Kansas. 

Ms. Bostic earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology from Georgia Southern University. In 2012, she completed a master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resource Management. Subsequently, Ms. Bostic obtained a Master of Science degree in Healthcare Simulation from the University of San Francisco. She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Education degree in Curriculum & Instruction.

Listeners can reach out to Dana Bostic on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or at bosticdana@gmail.com.

Key takeaways from this show:

Salary, work environment and the lack of opportunity for advancement are just a few layers that are contributing to the larger problem of a weakened clinical laboratory workforce. Tune into this episode as Dana Bostic elaborates on strategies to retain long-term employees in our profession.    

If you are a laboratory professional seeking guidance during this challenging time in healthcare or if you are just looking for advice on the next phase of your laboratory career – this podcast is for you! 

Also, revisit episode 10 of this podcast, “Should You Pursue an Advance Degree or Certification”, for more information on how to take your laboratory career to the next level! 

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