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Episode 24: “A case of the “I’m Just a’s” : The Keys to Master the Art of Career Development”-Kendra Lange

In this episode, co-host Stephanie Whitehead interviews healthcare professional, Kendra Lange. Listen in as they discuss essential tips to improve your career development process and broaden work skills. If you are just looking for advice on how maximize your career growth or how to shift your perspective about valuing your current position– this podcast episode is for you! 

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Special Guest Bio:

Kendra has more than a decade of experience in health care that includes Patient Care, Process Improvement, Quality, Compliance, and Accreditation in stand-alone hospitals, large systems, and micro-hospitals. She currently works with hospitals and health systems around the country to enhance their approach to quality by challenging the way they look at Accreditation. She is also a public speaker and social media presence with topics that include all things Health Care, finding your way in your career, joy in the everyday, and knowing your worth.

Kendra holds a B.S. in Health from Texas Tech University and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Business Administration from Tarleton State University, slated to graduate in December! Most importantly, she is the mom to 3 boys, 10, 7 & 5 and is married to her high school sweetheart. 

1 comment on “Episode 24: “A case of the “I’m Just a’s” : The Keys to Master the Art of Career Development”-Kendra Lange

  1. Lona Small says:

    I love this episode. It is so true that we can allow others to define who we are based on their attitude towards us.

    That is why I don’t like being placed in a corner as a “supportive role” if we don’t do bedside.
    I think we all are “supportive” to patient care. We have so much in us to do whatever we choose as a career. Whatever we choose we can make it great and we can excel in it. #YouAreAnImportantPartOfTheWhole

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